Mission Statement


“Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

“Through drama you can become anyone, anywhere, at any time.”      ( ACU)

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  • ​​​To give all children the opportunity to shine and encourage creative thinking.
  • To nurture all students in a fun environment in order to foster self-esteem and confidence.
  • To develop interpersonal skills such as social interaction, teamwork and problem solving.
  • To support all children to achieve their own personal goals in drama and performance.
  • To be recognised as a drama studio who always encourages students to be the best they can.
  • To foster a creative atmosphere which will encourage students’ creativity.
  • To empower young artists and engage audiences to be dedicated, inspiring and respectful of each other.
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Not everyone is a mathematician, not everyone can write but everyone can act. 
Acting allows all students to have fun and shine.

 Over the many years of teaching drama in schools, it always continues to amaze me and brings me great joy to see how passionate all students become about drama and how all of them  
shine so brightly.

I believe that:-

  • Drama increases confidence, self-esteem, communication and everyday lifeskills.

  • Even shy students can hide behind a mask, a character or a puppet

  • Drama allows students with natural talent to develop those skills and find their full potential in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

  • Drama assists students’ emotional  development and achieve improved  academic  grades

  • Students who may struggle in other areas of life and learning can be given another opportunity to develop   self-confidence and to be  included in a group. 

  • Drama allows all students to experience success.

  • By working together in groups, drama helps students learn  team work,  make new  friends and develop a  sense of self worth

  • It allows students to learn respect  for  others and  social  skills  

  • In an information driven world, drama may build students skills in communication and persuasion  both in spoken and written work.

  • It can help develop their imagination and creativity

  • Drama can help students in their school work by teaching them  focus,  concentration and improve their  listening  skills

  • In scenario work, students may learn critical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • The most important benefit of drama is having great  FUN!